For EMBERS Staffing Solutions workers, a pair of work boots mean a lot more than access to a job site. Work boots open the doors to steady work opportunities, regular paycheques, and a greater sense of self-worth.

Every day at EMBERS, we meet people who are working hard to change their lives. Whether they are recovering from addictions, leaving the prison system, or facing other barriers to employment, EMBERS Staffing Solutions provides them with access to meaningful work.

But can’t do this without your help. With over 300 people going to work every week through EMBERS Staffing Solutions, we need you to help us continue to outfit our workers with the gear and equipment they need to be successful.

This holiday season, join us in our 100 Boot Challenge and play a direct role in helping EMBERS Staffing Solutions workers get back to work. All it takes is donation of $100 to help one worker put the right foot forward towards their future.

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