As Vancouver House comes to completion, EMBERS celebrates the labour of the Icon West Construction team and every worker involved in building the magnificent structure that twists up Vancouver’s skyline. 

EMBERS has provided Icon West Construction with a variety of workers over the years for sites such as Vancouver House, Pendrell, Joyce Station, and more. By hiring EMBERS, Icon has given opportunities for Vancouver’s marginalized communities to both build the city’s skyline and grow as individuals. 

Projects such as Vancouver House have given opportunities to people with barriers to employment to advance their careers in the trades. Throughout the years, EMBERS and Icon have improved the quality of life for many Vancouver locals through various initiatives. This includes training multiple individuals throughout their time at the work sites and giving them opportunities to get certifications, tickets, and schooling. Additionally, this has resulted in several EMBERS employees being hired permanently by Icon.

Together, Icon and EMBERS have built a diverse community that fosters growth, personal development and continued education in the trades.  

To celebrate our relationship with Icon upon the completion of Vancouver House, EMBERS has created a booklet that shares worker stories and statistics about the various sites, commemorating the time spent on these projects.

Thank you so much to MET Fine Printers for creating a special edition of these booklets with a beautifully foiled cover that accentuates the design of the structure. While the hard copies of the booklet are limited edition, it is available to read online here