Last week we had the pleasure of visiting the EllisDon Oakridge Redevelopment site. EllisDon has been an EMBERS partner since 2016 and we have successfully worked together to provide staffing solutions for many projects over the years. The Oakridge Redevelopment project spans 28 acres and is a mixed-use development with a combination of residential, retail and office space. The EllisDon Oakridge site currently provides 15-18 EMBERS workers with jobs and opportunities to move ahead. We are grateful to EllisDon for recognizing the importance of community impact and commitment to providing work and growth opportunities. 

Community impact is central to the EllisDon ethos; as Jody Becker, EllisDon Executive Vice-President & CSO, Infrastructure Services & Technology, describes: “At EllisDon we are not only a company, but we are also part of the global community. We are committed to having a positive impact on the environments in which we live and work, and we are dedicated to ensuring that we contribute meaningfully to society. This is not only a fundamental part of our business strategy, but a reflection of our value”. 

Our history and partnership goes back to 2016 when EMBERS worked closely with EllisDon under a Community Benefit Agreement, to supply labour in the construction of the Parq Resort & Casino project. Since then we haven’t looked back. As Garreth Maybury, EllisDon Snr. Construction Manager, recounts, “EllisDon and EMBERS had a pre-existing relationship from the Parq Casino project in Vancouver which continued onto the Oakridge project. This amazing relationship continues to today whether it is supporting EMBERS to raise funds for their worker training programs to placing their amazing people on our projects.”

EMBERS Staffing is a unique social enterprise – all profits are reinvested into the community. By working with EMBERS Staffing, companies get double value; they receive a quality labour service that they need and at the same time are contributing to changing people’s lives and building stronger communities.

In the words of Anthony, an EMBERS Staffing worker on site at EllisDon, “My experience has been great so far. EMBERS has been the best temp service I’ve worked for. And since I have started at the Oakridge site in March I am now a foreman at the biggest sq ft site in North America. I feel now I finally have an excellent opportunity to grow and learn how to be a better leader in my field. And I have EMBERS to thank for giving me this amazing opportunity”.

We are so grateful to the entire EllisDon team for recognizing the power of working together to create inclusive work opportunities and lasting community impact. Some EMBERS Staffing workers have converted to full-time EllisDon employees. Positions range from General Labourers and Construction Safety Officers to Traffic Control Persons. 

When asked if he had any advice for people wanting to enter the construction field, Garreth Maybury said “There will always be a need for construction workers in Canada with a retirement rate of 10% per year for the foreseeing future and a void of workers to backfill these positions. EMBERS is a great gateway into this world where they can leverage their relationship to place the right people in the right positions.”

EllisDon is a true supporter of EMBERS. At the EMBERS 13th Annual Charity Golf Tournament in August, EllisDon was the Dinner Sponsor and brought in 32 additional players. EllisDon’s commitment to supporting the community is evident across their organization. 

“Our experience with EMBERS has been fantastic. The work that Marcia, Doug, and their fantastic team do is truly inspiring! At EllisDon, we appreciate the hardship the people that EMBERS represents have gone through in life and for us to be able to give these people a chance to get back on their feet is a true privilege.” – Garreth Maybury, EllisDon Snr. Construction Manager

A huge thank you to EllisDon for hosting us on site! It is incredible to see the power of community partnerships at work. It is partnerships like these that allow us to change lives through the power of work one person, one job, one day at a time.