The winters were harsh and long at Maurio’s landscaping job but he persevered anyway through rain, cold and occasional snow. But despite being promised a full-time contract, after months of hard work, Maurio was unexpectedly laid off.

“I gave up,” he says of the situation. Shortly after, Maurio was recommended by a friend to come to EMBERS to find work.

Maurio’s punctuality and communication skills quickly built a rapport with EMBERS Staff and employers, who praised Maurio’s work ethic. “I do my best,” he says of his 5 months at EMBERS. “I try to keep going because I feel like I have to be independent.”

Though he initially accessed bus tickets and the car share program provided at EMBERS, it was of personal importance to Maurio to become self-sufficient. Maurio stresses that without having a supportive, understanding team behind him, that goal could not have been reached.

During Maurio’s first month of employment through EMBERS, he was focused on rebuilding his confidence and connecting with new people on the job site. But when he came across a work-related issue, Maurio felt comfortable reporting the issue to EMBERS staff members who responded to the situation accordingly.

“That’s when I felt like I can count on EMBERS with anything,” Maurio said. “Any comments I have or when something unexpected happens, I feel comfortable letting [the team] know.”

It’s Maurio’s reliable and earnest attitude that’s made him this June’s Employee of the Month. Congratulations, Maurio!