When Francis was in the final stages of a Veterinary Healthcare Assistant course two years ago, her financial situation forced her to abandon the course. Her bills were piling up and she was no longer able to keep up with basic utilities and rent. That’s when her daughter suggested she try EMBERS, calling in on her behalf and accompanying Francis to her first appointment.

Prior to connecting with EMBERS, Francis had trouble finding work. She had applied to hundreds of jobs but was competing with younger applicants and felt over looked. Francis felt that the job market was highly saturated and she wasn’t getting any calls back.

Francis wanted a foot in the door and when she came into EMBERS Staffing Solutions’ Surrey office, she was relieved to finally start working. For Francis, the best part about EMBERS Staffing Solutions was the staff. They were easy to talk to, supportive and made her feel comfortable and empowered. Francis also loved that EMBERS paid her every Friday. It helped her keep up with her bills and stay on top of her basic expenses. This allowed Francis to establish a routine and maintain consistency in her life.

Since coming into EMBERS Staffing Solutions two years ago, Francis has been able to re-enter the workforce, meet new people and stay on top of her finances. When she first started, Francis was working general labour, making $15.00 an hour. She has since taken advantage of multiple certified training courses through the EMBERS Training division and is now working as a Traffic Control Person (TCP), making $19.00 per hour.

Her advice to others waiting to make the leap: “Just go to EMBERS. If you’re down and out and you need work, they’ll help you!”

It is her wonderful attitude, dedication and accountability over the last two years that has made Francis our December Employee of the Month. Congratulations, Francis! You’re an inspiration.