For over 25 years, Gus Anthony had worked in the food industry, running several successful restaurants with his family. After raising seven children who had all graduated to their own fulfilling careers however, Gus needed a change. Although he had worked in the food industry his whole life, he also had some carpentry experience and when he heard that EMBERS had just opened up a new location in the Fraser Valley, he dropped in — and never left.

Since walking into EMBERS, Gus has worked consistently on different sites with PCL and is happy with his role. For Gus, Fraser Valley Staffing Solution’s Manager Kate Collins is the best part about working with EMBERS: “She bends over backwards for you, you know? The woman does a lot for you. She’s just amazing.” It was Kate’s honesty and dedication to his success that has continuously inspired Gus to push forward during challenges at work.

During his 6 months at EMBERS, Gus has already received 12 tickets through the free training and certification program, getting his Telehandler ticket, his Forklift Operation ticket and his Class 7 ticket, among others.

In 6 months from now, Gus wants to continue getting as many certifications as possible, as he works to transition from carpentry into a less physically grueling role as a heavy machinery operator, increasing his earnings to $60 an hour.

It is his determination and commitment to success that has made Gus Anthony EMBERS Fraser Valley’s first Employee of the Month. He has set the bar high and we couldn’t be more proud!