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EMBERS Training

EMBERS Training provides hard and soft skills training to people who are getting back into the workforce or starting a new career. We have both youth specific and more general training programs for career support and skills development. 

Whether someone is interested in construction, exploring other careers, or looking for a foothold into the Canadian job market, our training programs helps participants identify their assets, strengths and skills they wish to build upon to achieve their career goals.

Career Development

Our training programs include free workshops, one-on-one mentorship and career development initiatives to help you achieve long-term success.

We can help you grow over time and build a meaningful and successful career.

Your success is our success!

bladerunners career development training session

Certified Training

We provide skills training programs and certifications that enable EMBERS’ workforce to increase their skills and improve their livelihoods.

embers certified skills training opportunities

Our Training Programs

All of our courses are offered by experienced instructors with subject matter expertise. Courses offered are subject to availability and eligibility.

Some of our training courses and programs include, but are not limited to:

Training Fields

Career Guidance & Goal Setting
Apprenticeship Advice
Health & Wellness

EMBERS Training Alumni Testimonials