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EMBERS New Westminster is so excited to be celebrating our 6 month anniversary! 

This welcoming, bright office is home to a top notch training/conference room, beautiful open concept kitchen, and space for workers to relax in-between shifts. EMBERS New West is just a 5 minute walk from the Columbia Skytrain station and is situated by restaurants, coffee shops, parks and so much more.

“We saw a community in New Westminster that was being exploited by for profit agencies and even though some residents chose to work with EMBERS, the commute to our offices and work sites was almost an hour. As part of our work to reduce barriers to employment it made sense to offer a shorter commute to our workers and New Westminster and a better option for their employment needs.

We’re excited about the next six months because we are offering some services that we haven’t been offered in other locations. We have a training space in our New Westminster branch which allows us to hold our training in-house, which many workers have taken already. Additionally, we have opened new areas of employment offering work in manufacturing, warehousing, and security.” 

-Gavin Jones, Director of Operations, EMBERS 


New West was one of the first locations to test pilot EMBERS first brand ambassador program. During this activation, ambassadors handed out promotional materials and spread the word about EMBERS to the New West community by the Columbia Skytrain. 

To encourage social distancing within this activation, we got creative on how the ambassadors would engage with passerbys. Techniques included the following: 

  • Use of QR codes to encourage an easy way to link someone to our website 
  • Face masks for ambassadors 
  • Leaving flyers for people to grab themselves on top of poster boards. 

Embers is so proud to celebrate the accomplishments of the New Westminster Office!