Described by many as a “relationship man,” Doug Aason is a person passionate for changing lives and making a positive impact in his community. Doug is the Director of Business Development of EMBERS Staffing. He works closely with EMBERS partners and EMBERS Staffing workers, building and fostering relationships on all levels. Doug engages partnerships that are aligned with EMBERS values and is committed to creating social impact and social purpose with partners that are Champions of Change.

Doug spent seven years working at Salvation Army Harbor Light alcohol and drug treatment centre, before taking on the role of Director of Community Investment at the Greater Vancouver Foodbank Society, helping to build financial support to a new level. He describes the most rewarding part of his job as “witnessing the profound impact we can have on changing people’s lives for the better.” A kind hearted person with a desire to make a difference, and a strong knack for story-telling, Doug is an inspiration for those he works with. In his free time, Doug enjoys spending time outdoors fishing for the elusive “big one,” desperately hoping his golf game will improve, and most importantly spending time with his beautiful daughters and loving wife.