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Who we are

Launched in April 2018 as social innovation pilot program, Eastside Works was created in collaboration with the community to respond to the gap in employment services in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside neighbourhood.

By leveraging the expertise of the community, developing partnerships and identifying key opportunities through one-on-one conversations, we are developing a successful model for employment services that targets individuals with the most barriers.

And how we help the community

What we offer

At Eastside Works we offer tailored, one-on-one support to individuals with high barriers to employment to achieve their employment goals.

Alongside this we offer our members support around other challenges in their lives that effect their employment including substance use issues and lack of other resources.

There is no eligibility requirement and the process starts with a short intake to identify goals and the supports required.

We are not a temporary placement agency so the process of engagement is often a longer term commitment but we understand that can vary for each individual so we encourage anyone interested to reach out and start the conversation. Referrals from other organizations are also most welcome.

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