Our 2018 Annual Report is now ready for your viewing pleasure! Have a look and read about the impact you’ve helped us create.

For EMBERS, 2018 was yet another great year, marked by continued growth and the development of new and existing programs to support individuals on low incomes improve their livelihoods through jobs, training and employment support. Through our work with businesses, governments, organizations and community members, we continue to see that:

  • Businesses play an essential role in creating sustainable solutions to economic challenges
  • Work is a powerful tool for empowering individuals to connect with and contribute to their community
  • Training is an important means through which individuals can enhance their careers and improve their life skills

In 2018,

  • 92.8% of our revenue was self-generated
  • 75.3% of our expenses went directly to workers in our community in the form of wages and benefits (that’s $6.5 million)
  • Placed 1,900 temporary workers on job sites who clocked a combined 300,415 hours of work (his is roughly equivalent to 150 full-time jobs)
  • Helped over 260 people enhance their careers through skills training
  • Helped workers earn over 1000 certificates
  • Facilitated 149 internal and external job placements and job earnings totaling $80,601 through Eastside Works

Read our 2018 Annual Report here.