Meet Linnie

How did you find out about EMBERS?

I was working at Icon for TLC, and a lead hand told me about all the great services EMBERS provides. I noticed a lot of guys from TLC not being called back, and I asked how much he was making at EMBERS. When I found out he was making more at EMBERS, I decided to work here. I’ve been working with EMBERS now for 4 or 5 months.

What were you doing before you came to EMBERS?

I’ve been in some kind of nursing industry for years, I was a LPN in the States, then I was in the Navy and I was a cook there. I also went to chef school. When I came to Vancouver, I realized I would have to go back to school in Canada to be a nurse here, and I didn’t want to do that.

What is your favourite part about working at EMBERS?

I love the delightful people here. Everyone here has been pretty cool. I came to EMBERS with OFA 2, and you trained me up for CSO, and helped me get a CSO job. I like how I am made to feel like what happens to me matters. You guys have called me twice for OFA 2 jobs, while I was already working on an OFA 2 job. But it’s cool. It’s nice to know you are thinking about me. I would rather be needed, than sit here with tickets and be unemployable.

What do you say when you are asked about EMBERS?

EMBERS is a good company and they help you get the things you need. They help you get tickets, and the more tickets you get, the more employable you are. It’s really good for older guys who need to do something other than labour.