Today’s profile features Gazal! Gazal joined EMBERS Staffing in February 2023 as a Construction Safety Officer (CSO). After having been a Civil Engineer in her home country, Gazal is building Canadian work experience and knowledge of Canadian construction processes with the ultimate goal of getting back into engineering and one day opening her own renovation company. Gazal’s work ethic is an inspiration to us all. Read our Q&A with Gazal below. 

How long have you been with EMBERS and what is your role?

I started as a Construction Safety Officer in February 2023.

How did you hear about EMBERS

One of my friends was working as a CSO and introduced EMBERS to me.

Can you please tell us a little bit about your situation before EMBERS and what impact EMBERS has had on you?

In my home country, Iran, I was a Civil Engineer. I am hoping to eventually transition back into engineering, but have gotten my CSO certifications in the meantime. At first, you have to pay your bills. I wanted to be involved in a construction site and then step by step introduce myself to the companies and make connections. As a CSO, I am gaining on-the-ground experience in Canada and learning about the processes here. I am happy to still have a job in construction.

Before moving here, I didn’t have any knowledge about being a CSO. Taking my friend’s advice, I took the courses and then started at EMBERS to get experience. It was a good opportunity to get to know the role and the different construction companies. I am hoping to work under a licensed engineer and then will take the exam to get my P.Eng. license. My end goal is to get back into engineering.

Hamed and Titi [staff at the EMBERS Staffing Vancouver office] really helped me. Hamed did my initial interview and was really helpful in trying to find me a job that was a good fit. Titi really helped me to find a place that is ongoing. When you are ongoing, it is easier because you know where you are going the next day and know that you will have work.

What would you say to others who are in a similar situation to yours?

I would say make a goal for yourself and take it step by step. You can’t hit the peak right away.

What goals are you looking forward to in the future?

I am looking forward to getting back into engineering. My dream is to have my own renovation company. I am planning to do some renovations on my own home to see how it goes and will take it from there! 

Any advice to new workers starting out with EMBERS?

Take advantage of the training opportunities and show your passion for working. Always show up your best self and be there on time. Do the jobs the best way possible. Show them you want to improve. 

A huge thank you to Gazal for participating in this interview!