Today we are featuring EMBERS Staffing worker, Lavinnia! Lavinnia celebrated her one-year work anniversary with EMBERS in May and we are so proud of her accomplishment. We sat down with Lavinnia to learn more about her employment journey at EMBERS. Read our Q&A below!

How long have you been with EMBERS Staffing and what is your role?

I have been with EMBERS for just over a year, my one-year anniversary was in May. I work as a cleaner and labourer.

How did you hear about EMBERS Staffing? 

I heard about EMBERS through the shelter I was staying at. They recommended I come here and I have been here ever since. 

Can you please tell us a little bit about your situation before EMBERS and what impact EMBERS Staffing has had on you?

Before I found EMBERS, I was looking for work and was off work for six years. After hearing about EMBERS from the shelter I was staying at, I came here to do an interview. The next week I was working. Having work has impacted me a lot and I get along with everybody. There are no problems. I like the staff here; they’re cool. Everybody is so friendly. Having an income, from being on assistance, is empowering. I like focusing on work and keeping a schedule. 

What would you say to others who are in a similar situation to yours?

I would probably just tell them, go out there, go to the employment places, like WorkBC and come to EMBERS.

What goals are you looking forward to in the future?

I am looking to have a better life and a better income. I would like to get out of the area that I am in and want to continue working and to better my life each day. I am happy to be here and want to keep my positive attitude and stay with EMBERS for at least 10 years. My goal is to continue saving up so I can better my life. 

Any advice to new workers starting their employment journey with EMBERS Staffing?

I would say to all new employees, be bondable, be on time and show your 100% to the company. Show that you want to be there and take every job you’re offered.

A huge thank you to Lavinnia for participating in this interview and sharing her story.