Peer Work Program

Working with local social enterprises and non-profit organizations, Eastside Works is able to place individuals in employment opportunities within partner organizations, transitioning them into long-term work. We support individuals with one-on-one guidance and offer training opportunities to help them acquire and succeed in their new roles.

Gig Work Program

Using various online sites like Task Rabbit and Craigslist, we help individuals find short-term work placements (gig work) that suits their particular employment needs. We are currently in the developmental stages of this program, but have identified a number of groups for whom these kinds of flexible work placements are useful in their transition to full-time work.

Local Business Program

We help launch individuals into more permanent employment opportunities with local businesses, through one-on-one guidance and work experience. These efforts help individuals move along the income generation continuum, while also supporting local businesses with their employment needs. Past placements include Simon Fraser University, Farm Cannabis and Regional Recycling.

Stewardship / Ambassador Program

In partnership with government, industry and community stakeholders, Eastside Works offers unique Stewardship & Ambassador roles for individuals looking to re-integrate back to work. From temporary roles (gig work) to full-time work, these opportunities address individuals’ current needs and allow them to confront their employment challenges while on the job. Due to their lived experience in the community they serve, our Stewards have been recognized as well equipped to succeed in these roles. Our pilot programs include the Park Stewardship Pilot, the Chinatown Community Stewardship Pilot and the Community Film Ambassador Pilot.